TwinCritters’ Handcrafted Cat Cave Review – Hiding Out and Staying Cozy

TwinCritters' Felt Cat Cave Review

Lucas, like most cats, will lay on or inside just about anything new that comes into our home. The same goes for something that is moved or happens to be out of place. Thinking he would appreciate a cozier place to lounge, we have purchased multiple cat beds for him – but have yet to find one that he will use. Always opting to nest in the comfort of our beds or a blanket left on the sofa, instead!

Over time we have come to realize that Lucas prefers to snooze in something with sides or where he can burrow. Somewhere that he can feel a bit more protected and secluded…

While he would probably love it if we kept a cardboard box in the living room, it doesn’t exactly fit with our home decor. Plus, I can’t imagine it is very comfortable for a significant length of time!

This is why we were so excited when we were asked to review a new product – one which not only gives your cat a safe and secure place to lay, but does not look out of place in your home!

Introducing the TwinCritter’s Cat Cave

Cat Caves are adorable, flexible, sphere shaped cat beds made from felt. Their unique shape assures your kitty a safe and secure place to rest their heads – where they will feel more protected from the world around them.

Each is molded by hand by artisans in Nepal, so now two caves are exactly alike. The artisans utilize an ancient process requiring only wool (100% New Zealand), water, and soap to create.

TwinCritters Cat Caves measure roughly 20″ in diameter and 11″ in height, and are available in several different colors.

About the Company

TwinCritter’s was founded by a pair of twin brothers with a strong passion for animals. They wanted to not only bring innovative pet products to market, but do so in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Handcrafted Cat Caves are one of their flagship products and they kindly offered to send us one to test out. They are also sponsoring a giveaway for our readers so make sure to read through until the end!

Our Cat Cave Review

TwinCritter’s Cat Caves arrive bagged and in a flattened state. This initially had me a bit worried whether or not it would spring back into shape! Turns out all you need to do is stick your hand inside and pop out the roughly 1/4″ thick walls for it to return to form. No big deal!

Once we had the cave rounded out, we placed it on Lucas’ favorite spot on the couch. Next, we sprinkled just a bit of our favorite catnip inside the cave to coax him in.

This was probably not necessary as he would have checked it out eventually, but I really wanted to speed up the process. I knew that as soon as he went inside he would love it!

As anticipated, Lucas took to his new cat cave right away. The first few times that he went inside, he explored, laid down meatloaf style and just chilled. Of course once the camera was away and the evening approached we caught some serious snuggling going on inside.

We have since moved the cave around the house to find the perfect location for resting. Some of his favorite spots seem to be hidden underneath an ottoman or up on top of a spare bed.

Multiple Ways to Enjoy

Remember how we mentioned that the TwinCritter’s Cave ships flat? Well, as it turns out, cats love them this way too! When pushed down, these beds turn into a soft mat with rounded out edges (almost like a bumper bed) perfect for snuggling up against. We have even caught Lucas transitioning his cat cave all by himself!

Home Away From Home

MyDogLikes readers will know that we recently ventured out on a huge dog road trip – where we spent 2 weeks away from home. As most cats are not big on travel, we decided to leave Lucas with Rachael’s sister and nephew,  a brand new environment for him…

While he is a very sweet cat, it takes Lucas a while to warm up and feel comfortable with new people, especially kids who he thinks are too loud and move too quickly! In order to make the transition a little bit smoother and provide a place where he could hide out and feel secure, we made sure to bring along his new Twin Critter’s Cat Cave!

We thought that from inside his cave he would be able to keep an eye on things while still feeling protected and safe. You know, bring a little home on the road! We were so pleased to hear that Lucas got a ton of use out of his cat cave while visiting, spending several hours per day laying inside!

Now that Lucas is back home, his love for his cave is even stronger! Like a child with a security blanket, it appears as though Lucas was comforted by his cave when he was away and this continued when he returned from his extended sleepover.

Why MyCatLikes the TwinCritters’ Cat Cave

We love pet products that solve basic problems or meets specific needs in a creative way – and the TwinCritters Cat Cave does exactly that!

Not only does it provide a safe and comfortable place to lounge but it also speaks to the unique desire cats feel to be sheltered and secure while lounging. We also love the aesthetic of these caves. Each is beautiful and unique as a result of the individual artisans that create them. These caves are also eco-friendly made using only wool, soap, and water – not stuffed poly fill like most beds that you find in the big box stores.

Lucas says that every kitty deserves a cat cave – and we agree!

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