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TwinCritters’ Handcrafted Cat Cave Review – Hiding Out and Staying Cozy

TwinCritters' Felt Cat Cave Review
Written by Kevin

Lucas, like most cats, will lay on or inside just about anything new that comes into our home. The same goes for something that is moved or happens to be out of place. Thinking he would appreciate a cozier place to lounge, we have purchased multiple cat beds for him – but have yet to find one that he will use. Always opting to nest in the comfort of our beds or a blanket left on the sofa, instead!

Over time we have come to realize that Lucas prefers to snooze in something with sides or where he can burrow. Somewhere that he can feel a bit more protected and secluded…

While he would probably love it if we kept a cardboard box in the living room, it doesn’t exactly fit with our home decor. Plus, I can’t imagine it is very comfortable for a significant length of time!

This is why we were so excited when we were asked to review a new product – one which not only gives your cat a safe and secure place to lay, but does not look out of place in your home!

Introducing the TwinCritter’s Cat Cave

Cat Caves are adorable, flexible, sphere shaped cat beds made from felt. Their unique shape assures your kitty a safe and secure place to rest their heads – where they will feel more protected from the world around them.

Lucas and the MyCatLikes crew takes a look at the felt cat caves from TwinCritters

Each is molded by hand by artisans in Nepal, so now two caves are exactly alike. The artisans utilize an ancient process requiring only wool (100% New Zealand), water, and soap to create.

Twin Critters cat caves are available in several different colors

TwinCritters Cat Caves measure roughly 20″ in diameter and 11″ in height, and are available in several different colors.

About the Company

TwinCritter’s was founded by a pair of twin brothers with a strong passion for animals. They wanted to not only bring innovative pet products to market, but do so in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Handcrafted Cat Caves are one of their flagship products and they kindly offered to send us one to test out. They are also sponsoring a giveaway for our readers so make sure to read through until the end!

Felt made by artisans in Nepal using 100% New Zealand wool

Our Cat Cave Review

TwinCritter’s Cat Caves arrive bagged and in a flattened state. This initially had me a bit worried whether or not it would spring back into shape! Turns out all you need to do is stick your hand inside and pop out the roughly 1/4″ thick walls for it to return to form. No big deal!

Once we had the cave rounded out, we placed it on Lucas’ favorite spot on the couch. Next, we sprinkled just a bit of our favorite catnip inside the cave to coax him in.

Sprinkling a bit of catnip into Lucas' new cat cave to encourage him to explore

This was probably not necessary as he would have checked it out eventually, but I really wanted to speed up the process. I knew that as soon as he went inside he would love it!

Lucas checking out his new felt cat cave to see if it meets his standards!

As anticipated, Lucas took to his new cat cave right away. The first few times that he went inside, he explored, laid down meatloaf style and just chilled. Of course once the camera was away and the evening approached we caught some serious snuggling going on inside.

We have since moved the cave around the house to find the perfect location for resting. Some of his favorite spots seem to be hidden underneath an ottoman or up on top of a spare bed.

Our cat making himself comfortable in his fancy new cat bed

Multiple Ways to Enjoy

Remember how we mentioned that the TwinCritter’s Cave ships flat? Well, as it turns out, cats love them this way too! When pushed down, these beds turn into a soft mat with rounded out edges (almost like a bumper bed) perfect for snuggling up against. We have even caught Lucas transitioning his cat cave all by himself!

These caves can also be pushed down flat to create a plush bumper bed of sorts.

Home Away From Home

MyDogLikes readers will know that we recently ventured out on a huge dog road trip – where we spent 2 weeks away from home. As most cats are not big on travel, we decided to leave Lucas with Rachael’s sister and nephew,  a brand new environment for him…

While he is a very sweet cat, it takes Lucas a while to warm up and feel comfortable with new people, especially kids who he thinks are too loud and move too quickly! In order to make the transition a little bit smoother and provide a place where he could hide out and feel secure, we made sure to bring along his new Twin Critter’s Cat Cave!

Hiding away in his new wool cat cave from TwinCritters

We thought that from inside his cave he would be able to keep an eye on things while still feeling protected and safe. You know, bring a little home on the road! We were so pleased to hear that Lucas got a ton of use out of his cat cave while visiting, spending several hours per day laying inside!

Now that Lucas is back home, his love for his cave is even stronger! Like a child with a security blanket, it appears as though Lucas was comforted by his cave when he was away and this continued when he returned from his extended sleepover.

MyCatLikes takes a look at TwinCritters in our latest cat cave review

Why MyCatLikes the TwinCritters’ Cat Cave

We love pet products that solve basic problems or meets specific needs in a creative way – and the TwinCritters Cat Cave does exactly that!

Not only does it provide a safe and comfortable place to lounge but it also speaks to the unique desire cats feel to be sheltered and secure while lounging. We also love the aesthetic of these caves. Each is beautiful and unique as a result of the individual artisans that create them. These caves are also eco-friendly made using only wool, soap, and water – not stuffed poly fill like most beds that you find in the big box stores.

Lucas says that every kitty deserves a cat cave – and we agree!

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  • My cats favorite place to sleep is behind my pillows on my bed. I can always find her there!

  • my cat usually sleeps in bed with me or in his little cat bed. ive always wanted to get him one of these cave beds!

  • Hi! We have 3 cats and I just know they would LOVE this! All 3 are always snuggled under blankets and in there baskets

  • Usually in a Laundry Basket or Under the Living Room table. He’s 20 pounds so hopefully his Plumpness would fit into the Cat Cave ☺️

  • They sleep all over the house. Sometime in bed with me and other times just where we fall asleep

  • My cats like to wander the house at night – no telling where they sleep.

  • well queen does what she wnat she on my computers and then on my shoulder and then on the back of the cottage

  • My cats love to sleep in bed with me and the dogs. It is the only time that the dogs will let them near them.

  • My 5 rescue cats have many places they love to sleep, but their absolute favorite is by my side in bed.

  • Right across my feet….somewhat annoying…but real toasty in the winter!

  • One cat likes to sleep on top of me if I let him (he weighs 15 lb. so he gets heavy after awhile) but both cats have a couple of spots around the house. The top of the bed, top of the cat condo, top of the bookcase, on top of the sofa back – basically on top of anything.

  • Depends on the time of day ~ she is particular about each spot she sleeps in. During the day ~ my bed on her blanket mostly. Other locations dependent on time and happenings: My bedroom floor, my boys’ bedroom floor, my eldest son’s bed, my daughter’s bed, my daughter’s bedroom floor, the end of the couch, under my feet at the computer desk.

  • Albus loves to sleep on top of us when we are trying to sleep. He curls up right on my legs and will not move. Nice in the winter, not so great in the summer. ha!

  • My cat moves around to a new spot about every 2 weeks. Here are a few: on top the frig, in laundry baskets, on windowsills, etc.

  • One of my cats sleeps on the bed with me and the other one sleeps on my desk’s chair.

  • We have three cats. My old girl, Moko, sleeps – in fact, spends most of her time – on the top of the cat tree. Arata, who is 3-1/2, has a variety of places he sleeps, including on the couch (next to one of the dogs), on the back of the loveseat, on the recliner, or just about any place else he is at when he decides to take a nap. My kitten, Kotoha (she’ll be one year old in just 16 more days) sleeps either on the window shelf or under the TV in the TV room. I think of the three of them, she’s the one who would most like this cat cave.

  • My cats favorite place to sleep is the front window which get lots of sun. He could be there forever when the sunsun out.

  • My cat loves to sleep either hidden in my closet or in the window, but he would love a Cat Cave!

  • If allowed my cat would like to sleep on my pillow or directly on my head, failing that by my back is what he settles on.

  • I don’t have a cat right now, but I would like to donate this to my local shelter.

  • I have two cats. Boots sleeps around the living room, but at night he goes to his own bed around 10 PM. He’s had this bed for years and still loves it. Baby sleeps wherever I am.

  • My cat loves to sleep in a box that once contained a gift that I now have to leave in the entry because she just has to sleep in THAT box.

  • They love sleeping inside cardboard boxes and paper bags. Those cat caves look awesome!

  • My kitty likes to sleep on top of my dog’s crate 🙂 seems to be his fav

  • My Cats love to sleep on our shoe shelf in our entry way. And 1 likes to sleep on our living room throw blankets.

  • Emily sleeps on the Master bed, Angel sleeps in her fluffy bed, & Cosmo sleeps on the couch.

  • We have 6 cats, so the sleep spots vary all the time. Mostly, though, they like to sleep on the couch, on top where you rest your head. At night, my 20-year-old cat, Jessie, always sleeps with me. When it’s warm she likes to sleep on top of the covers, up against me. In colder weather, she’s under the covers with me. I love the idea of this cat cave. Looks like I might need more than one! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • My cat’s a rescue and he’s still getting used to life as a house cat. He likes to sleep in sheltered locations where he’s well-hidden, a holdover from street life. The current lair is under my bed, backed into a nook of the headboard. He’d probably love the cat cave because it would make him feel hidden and secure.

  • My cat has several places she can be found in. When my husband isn’t home, she likes to sleep in his spot on the bed.

  • i dont have any cats but would love to win to donate to safe haven for cats. however, i think my dogs would love this as well, especially the baby, now 6

  • Ozzy loves to sleep in a donut bed in my sunroom that has a heated floor.

  • I bet I’d love this! I was gifted an igloo which the peeps didn’t think I’d use but it’s the only place I’ll sleep during the day. I love the security of the sides and top.

  • Anywhere near where I am so I put fuzzy blankets near where I sit most to give her a cozy spot

  • My two cats tend to just sleep wherever they’d like, however my one cat will always sleep on the bed if I’m on it. The other lil’ guy will sometimes join in and sleep at the end, but he prefers the chair out in the living room.

    I always wonder if they’d like something like this cat cave though!

  • My cat loves to sleep on the back of the couch. He’s only fallen off a couple of times. XD

  • My cat loves to sleep in an open dresser if I forget to close it in a rush.

  • My cat loves sunbathing, so she heads for any place there is a window. She also likes to annoy our pomchi and steal his bead.

  • At night the cats sleep with me at the head of the bed on a queen sized body pillow.
    During the day in their cat bed or on the couch.
    thank you

  • My cats actually have several favorite sleeping spots. In the winter, my smallest likes to lay directly on the furnace vent.

  • My cat sleeps with us in the bed on cool nights, and in the summer she likes to sleep on an armchair in the living room.

  • My cats love to sleep cuddled up with me, but they’ll take a sheepskin rug if that option’s not available too.

  • My fluffer loves to hide and sleep under my husband and I’s laundry. Silly kitty!

  • Libby definitely likes to sleep curled up on my lap, but she also loves any warm spot. In the winter, that would be in front of the wood stove. In the summer, curled up on a cushion on the sun porch. She would love this cat cave.

  • We keep rotating cardboard boxes for our 3 cats as we can’t afford beds, so when they become tired of one we remove & they use another. Guess I’m well trained!

  • My son’s cats sleep in window sills, on top of their condo, or any number of other places they can jam themselves into!

  • My indoor ferals have their own room, so they sleep in their own beds, trees, shelves, etc. My kittens and fosters, also in their own room. Then my other 2 sleep in my bed. You guessed it, I have a house full. 🙂

  • during the day on a chair and at night in my bed after kneading me to her preferred softness

  • One cat will steal the dog’s bed. Another will sleep just about anywhere. And the youngest of the bunch sleeps on my laptop. I think she likes the heat!

  • My cat can sleep anywhere he is so laid back when he is sleeping. He also likes to get into things and would love the cave.

  • our cat Bailey will sleep just anywhere he just darn well pleases around the house – the floor, the couch, the sofa, the table

  • My cats sleep all over the place (beds, my bed, in my arms, on chairs, etc.)!

  • My cats sleep all over the place. I have 12 that live me. Most are elderly rescue cats, so I always make sure their beds are really soft because they have old bones.

  • Two of them love to sleep on the windowsill in my bedroom and one of them sleeps curled up on the couch.

  • I’m winning this for my friend. Her cat likes to sleep on her lap.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • My kitty loves having under anything dark. Blankets boxes. He would love this.

  • My cat’s favorite place to sleep is on the back of the sofa! She likes her own personal space, away from the dogs.

  • I have 4 rescues. They are pretty much spread out over the house. 2 of them can usually be found on my bed.

  • My cats favorite place to sleep is either in bed with me or on the floor in the corner

  • One loves the window sill and the other one likes to sleep in a dark corner of the closet.

  • On the backside of my couch right behind where I sit is her favorite place to sleep – usually kicking me in my head the whole night!

  • My cat Alfie loves to sleep in a cat cave bed because it looks great. She has just hopped out from a little nap that she was having in there. She absolutely adores it, she knew exactly what to do as soon as we got it. So she was very excited about it. It is a dark grey one, it’s got a beautiful marbling, looks like a piece of art.