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Tender and True Cat Food Review – Just Try and Keep them Away!

Tender and True Cat Food Review
Written by Kevin

Poor Lucas…

The little guy been watching his big (dog) brothers in envy for 3 years now, as they got to sample treat after treat, and all sorts of premium foods. He barely even uttered a complaint and (almost) never stole any for himself!

Lucas, patiently waiting for his turn in the spotlight!

Well, after hearing that he now has a site of his own, our friends over at Tender & True wanted to be among the first to congratulate Lucas on his new venture. So they sent over a few bags of their premium cat food for him to test out and share his expert opinion on!

The little guy’s dreams are finally coming true!

Tender & True are also sponsoring a giveaway for our readers so make sure to read to the end of this post!

Taking a look at the ingredients and certifications for Tender & True cat food.

About Tender & True

Tender & True is a pet food company that is committed to not only producing high quality food, but doing so in a humane and sustainable way. You may recall that Harley and Charlie had a very positive experience reviewing Tender and True dog food, so we were thrilled for Lucas to see if their cat food went over just as well.

Although the ingredients are top notch, there are more than a few premium foods on the market these days. What really sets Tender and True apart from its peers is their commitment to animal welfare and food safety. All product is sourced and processed right here in America, and their recipes carry organic, antibiotic free, humanely raised, and certified sustainable seafood labels.

Tender & True even goes so far as to certify with the Global Animal Partnership – an organization dedicated to the welfare of farming animals. Their unique rating system begins with things like continuous access to food and water or the outdoors, and runs all the way to promoting positive experiences and eliminating negative ones for the animals.

Fish and Potato wet cat food

Ingredients and Flavor Options

Tender and True is available in 5 different formulas, all of which are free of wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. All cat food varieties are available in 3 and 7 lb. bags or 5.5 oz. cans.

  • Organic Chicken & Liver – #1 Ingredient is Organic Chicken, Grain Free
  • Organic Turkey & Liver – #1 Ingredient is Organic Turkey, Grain Free
  • Ocean Whitefish & Potato – #1 Ingredient is Whitefish (Certified Sustainable Seafood), Grain Free
  • Chicken & Brown Rice – #1 Ingredient is US Farm Raised Chicken
  • Turkey & Brown Rice – #1 Ingredient is US Farm Raised Turkey

Tender and True Cat Food Review

Due to the nature of our business, we get inundated with a LOT of stuff. Our home office can at times look like a pet product warehouse and I must imagine the smells coming out of this room drive our animals crazy.

So I wasn’t completely surprised when Lucas found our new shipment of Tender and True, before we had even had a chance to take a look at it. If you look very closely at the bags in the photos, you may even be able to see where he tried to open them up for himself!

Though this initial excitement was a great sign, cats can be pretty picky about their food, and you can never be sure if they will like it before giving it a try.

Lucas sneaking a taste before I even had a chance to serve!

We decided to start off with the wet food because Lucas always sees that as a special treat anyways. As soon as I popped the top of the Ocean Whitefish recipe, he was on the kitchen counter sticking his nose into the can! I let him get a few licks in, but had to physically pull him away so that I could get some scooped out for him to try!

Getting ready to serve some of Tender & True's premium cat food

Well, this initial reaction said it all, and Tender and True’s wet cat food was a big hit. Lucas seemed to think he was getting away with something just by eating it.

The aroma was noticeable though not overwhelming and certainly did a wonderful job of grabbing his attention. We found that the food also has a great consistency and moisture content which made it easy to serve. He quickly lapped up his sample and was ready for more!

Lucas tasting the kibble Whitefish recipe from Tender and True

Next, I opened up the bag of Tender and True kibble (in the same formulation) and dropped a handful on the counter. A bit to my surprise he began chowing down right away! He didn’t even do any of that classic shake and drop maneuver that cats so often do with new food. I guess this just tasted too good to let go!

Bowl of Tender & True food for cats

We finished off our taste test with a mixture of the wet and dry formulas.

Though we primarily feed kibble, we like to add in wet from time to time to make sure that Lucas is getting enough water in his diet. Cats have a tendency not to drink as much as they should which can lead to urine crystals and all sorts of other problems.

As we expected at this point, Lucas was thrilled with the combo and went to town on his dinner!

Dinner is served! Lucas enjoying a mixture of wet and dry foods!

Example of kibble mixed with wet…

Fast Forward…

Lucas has been eating Tender and a true for about a week now and we thought it might be easiest to sum up his overall feelings with a quick video…

As you can see, Lucas simply cannot wait for mealtime. You can’t even walk into the room where he eats without him sprinting in to see if you are about to top off his bowl!

It’s not all about how much your cat seems to enjoy the food; during any transition you also need to keep a close eye on your pets behavior and digestion. We are happy to report that we have not noticed any issues with his stool and his energy levels and physical appearance are fantastic.

Why MyCatLikes Tender & True Food

Lucas clearly loves the taste, but we love the ingredients and the mission behind them.

As animal lovers, it is very important to us that all animals (even those used in food production) are given the chance to live with dignity and respect. Tender and True shares these values and is committed to going above and beyond the normal protocols even helping to push new industry standards.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the food is delicious as well, right?! 😉

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  • Whoa! How long was poor Lucas starved before he got that food? He’s eating like he hasn’t eaten in days. I’m just the opposite. I get mostly wet food with kibble as a treat. I’d pick the chicken and liver formula. BTW, I’m impressed at the ingredients especially in the wet. No gums or carrageenen.

  • I shelter 12 elderly cats. Most of them have no teeth. They really like the poultry products.

  • i dont have any cats so i am just guessing. i would donate it to safe haven for cats, they have the only pet food bank in the area for both dogs and cats. i donate cat things and dog stuff that i dont need or want on a regular basis. i think i would choose the Tender and True Organic Turkey and Liver Dry Cat Food. i wish they had fish products.

    • Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for your interest in Tender & True! I just wanted to reach out to let you know that we do have a fish recipe at the moment, Ocean Whitefish & Potato.


      Margaret Black
      Social Media Specialist
      Tender & True Pet Nutrition
      7071 N 87th Street
      Omaha, NE 68122

      • I just came upon this brand and I know Matisse will be excited to try it. The first ingredients will meet his snd my approval!

  • Marceline gets very vocal and will follow you around until you get the hint. I think she’d like the chicken and liver flavor the most.

  • We have 3 cats. We would love to be able to try this food out on them. We feed them grain free

  • My cat won’t stop meowing when he’s hungry. He would like the organic turkey and liver flavor.

  • Our cat makes a lot of noise when it’s hungry. I think we would like to try the Ocean Whitefish & Potato.

  • I think my cat would like the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food.

  • I leave my door shut at night. If I’m not up by breakfast, it’s scratch scratch scratch until I open it. My cat’s would love the chicken and liver

  • Thank you for this contest, I have 4 cats, this would be great. I would love to try Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food for my younger cats.

  • My cat absolutely loves the taste of Turkey, so he’d probably demand the Turkey & liver flavored one. He’s quite the performer our Mr. Max, when he’s hungry *which is often* he’ll come round and just Meow until he has our attention, doesn’t matter if he’s on our lap or around our feet he’ll do the same thing. We have a dog also, and whenever she’s getting a treat, Mr. Max will come running and pace around the fridge because his treats are on top of it, until we get him some too. Every single time!!! He hears her jar opening, and he comes in faster than the dog.. Lol

  • My son and his wife have two kittens and I don’t think the feed them Tender and True Cat Food ! I would love to win a bag and if they like it ! Do you sell it at Pet-Smart ?

    • Hi William! We are not sold in Pet-Smart. Tender & True is currently sold in Whole Foods Market and local pet speciality stores. If you visit our store locator page on our website, you can see if there is a store near you! Or please don’t hesitate to email me and I can find you the nearest store. Tender & True is also conveniently available at for delivery straight to your doorstep!

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

      Margaret Black
      Social Media Specialist
      Tender & True Pet Nutrition
      7071 N 87th Street
      Omaha, NE 68122

  • My girl cat gives me a big meow and starts to run in front of me to her bowl when it’s getting low of her kibble! I think she would love the turkey and liver. So glad to see it’s organic

  • My cat will come find us and cry loudly when she wants food. She will not be ignored even if it means tripping us. She likes the canned chicken and liver.

  • My cats all are very vocal when they are hungry. They’ll meow until they get fed. They’d love the
    Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Canned Cat Food.

  • He meows at me a lot until I pay attention to him and he would love the turkey & liver

  • Libby meows incessantly when she wants to be fed – it truly sounds like she’s saying “MOM!!!” I think she’d love all of the flavors but especially the chicken and liver. I just loved the video of Lucas…lol over and over. I, too, keep Libby’s dish up and out of reach of our dog, Tillie. Thanks for the chance to win one of the bags. 🙂

  • My one cat follows me everywhere, my other cat rubs me and head butts me until I feed him.

  • Lieutenant Doof and Miss Kitty become impossible when they are hungry! They climb on the table, stay directly under my feet, walk across the computer keyboard. I think they would like the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food.

  • All of our cats are vocal, especially the inside one. They all love chicken and seafood. Not much on beef.




  • This post makes me miss my cat so much! I wish she was still here with me so I can have a chance to give her this cat food, but I have another family member who would love this for their cat. Thank you.

  • My cat tears the house apart when he’s hungry.
    Really. Especially in the morning when he feels he needs to wake me up. He’ll go around knocking things off of my dresser, bookshelf, nightstands, any surface. If that doesn’t work he starts trying to rip the curtains down.
    This is why I am up at 5am every morning. 🙁

    His second favorite flavor is turkey (bacon being his first) so I’d say he’d love Tender and True Organic Turkey and Liver Canned Cat Food.

  • All 3 cats seem to like Chicken or Whitefish the best. Have tried a lot of grain-free flavors & they let me know what they like & don’t like.

  • My cat will meow constantly when she’s hungry. She would like the chicken and liver!

  • My two cats jump up on the coffee table when they are hungry and start meowing. Both Munchies and Charisma would love the Tender and True Organic Turkey and Liver Canned Cat Food.

  • When my cat is hungry he meows really loud. He would love to try all of the flavors. He is not picky.

  • One of my cats will go sit by the food area and just stare at me with a look that says “you know what time it is” and another one will actually bite me lightly on my head if I’m in bed until I get up and feed her. The flavor I think they would go for is the Turkey and liver one.

  • Oscar meows and rubs up against the cabinet that I keep his food in. As for his favorite, I think he’d say Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Canned Cat Food is the best.

  • They jump on the table… and I think they’d enjoy the chicken and liver flavor.

  • Samantha paces back and forth in front of her gate when it’s meal time. If service doesn’t come quickly enough, she might then get vocal!
    She loves her fish, so she would go for the Whitefish & Potato.

  • We knew you had a cat, but boy! Giving the cat a website is a lot! Our cats get to post on occasion, but they don’t get their own site! The food looks awesome, but my cats are on special diets, so we can’t try it.

  • We have six and they actually enjoy having variety in their diets. We only have one with special needs so he mostly gets the same thing all the time with an occasional treat. We also tend to add water and leave multiple water bowls around so they get enough hydration.

  • My cats meow louder and louder. They are very pushy when they r hungry 🙂 They would love the chicken and liver. Thank you

  • Tender and True Organic Turkey and Liver Canned Cat Food is the can Max would run to.

  • I don’t own a cat, but would donate this to a local shelter. I volunteer weekly and they always need food.

  • I think my cat would like the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food. She meows nonstop until I feed her. Thanks.

  • My sister has two cats. One is almost 1yr and the other around 3mos. She says they meow and follow her around.The chicken dry food and liver soft.

  • We have 3. One likes to jump in my lap and gently paw my face, 1 likes to meow as loud as he can from the kitchen and 1 likes to sit in his cat bowl! They would all love the Chicken and Liver.

  • my cat starts meowing and rubbing up against my leg when she is hungry. i think she would like the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food

  • I think my cat would like the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food.

  • Both of my cats head butt me when they’re hungry, and the little one squeaks too because she never really learned how to meow. 🙂 I think they’d both love the Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food the most. 🙂 Thanks for the great review & giveaway!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dana! Love that you get head butts when your cats are hungry! You might be surprised with the squeaker – Lucas really didn’t find his voice until he was 4 years old!

  • The cat makes a lot of noise when hungry! I think we would chose the Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food. Thank you!

  • My cat meows really loud and he would love the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food

  • My cat likes to jump on us and rub to get our attention if he is hungry. I think he would like the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Dry Cat Food.

  • My cat is never as vocal as when he is hungry!! He would love the canned chicken!!

  • I have 3 rescues – they wake me every morning by walking on me and bumping me in the head ========This is their way of saying feed me, I’m Starving

  • My cat screams as though she has been starved her entire life (when in reality, it’s been about 10 hours since she has been fed) and rolls around on the ground to entice us with her cuteness. She is a sucker for anything chicken.

  • My cat will sit by his food bowl and meow.i would love the Tender and True Organic Turkey and Liver Dry Dog Food

  • I have two cats and they both meow and circle around my feet when they want to eat. I think they’d like the chicken and liver, but honestly they’ll eat any flavor of food as neither one is fussy.

  • I usually leave dry down for my cats to eat when they choose. When I give them wet food at night, they lose their minds! One of my cats loves to jump on the Island in my kitchen and eat up there instead of on the floor with the other two.

  • my cat buttons meows like mad until you feed him!! he would love the Tender and True Organic Chicken and Liver Canned Cat Food!

  • My cats like to paw at my leg when they want food (or, as my fiance says, when they just want a ‘fresh scoop’ on top of their bowl). I think they’d like chicken and liver flavor the best.

  • My kitties will start sniffing all over the floor and the rug hoping that the kids dropped food someplace when they are hungry! They aren’t picky and would try any of the flavors but we’d probably go with the Chicken and liver first!

  • i was the lucky beneficiary of a bag of the organic Turkey and liver and another of chicken (partial bags) from our local food bank. things have been tough for us lately and although i buy a bag of another kind of premium food, this helped a lot and it was the only one that did not make him throw up or have any intestinal issues. i Wish you could bring the prices down. i just did a search and for three pounds of the turkey and liver , the Least expensive was 23 for those three pounds which is out of reach for us. 23-27 is what i found. so for now i guess we can;t buy. its rare for our Food bank (one which is great with fresh produce and when they get donations for pet food they have but usually its the very Colorful Bad cereal type stuff. i share any meat i buy with them, but … i know it does not have the right extra stuff they need. anyway . i Wish for lower prices as i have always taken care of my cats but right now ..i see those prices as for those with lots of money. surprised to see many talking of feeding to several cats. feeling a bit sad . but Handsome harry Houdini loves it