Tender and True Cat Food Review – Just Try and Keep them Away!

Tender and True Cat Food Review

Poor Lucas…

The little guy been watching his big (dog) brothers in envy for 3 years now, as they got to sample treat after treat, and all sorts of premium foods. He barely even uttered a complaint and (almost) never stole any for himself!

Well, after hearing that he now has a site of his own, our friends over at Tender & True wanted to be among the first to congratulate Lucas on his new venture. So they sent over a few bags of their premium cat food for him to test out and share his expert opinion on!

The little guy’s dreams are finally coming true!

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About Tender & True

Tender & True is a pet food company that is committed to not only producing high quality food, but doing so in a humane and sustainable way. You may recall that Harley and Charlie had a very positive experience reviewing Tender and True dog food, so we were thrilled for Lucas to see if their cat food went over just as well.

Although the ingredients are top notch, there are more than a few premium foods on the market these days. What really sets Tender and True apart from its peers is their commitment to animal welfare and food safety. All product is sourced and processed right here in America, and their recipes carry organic, antibiotic free, humanely raised, and certified sustainable seafood labels.

Tender & True even goes so far as to certify with the Global Animal Partnership – an organization dedicated to the welfare of farming animals. Their unique rating system begins with things like continuous access to food and water or the outdoors, and runs all the way to promoting positive experiences and eliminating negative ones for the animals.

Ingredients and Flavor Options

Tender and True is available in 5 different formulas, all of which are free of wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. All cat food varieties are available in 3 and 7 lb. bags or 5.5 oz. cans.

Tender and True Cat Food Review

Due to the nature of our business, we get inundated with a LOT of stuff. Our home office can at times look like a pet product warehouse and I must imagine the smells coming out of this room drive our animals crazy.

So I wasn’t completely surprised when Lucas found our new shipment of Tender and True, before we had even had a chance to take a look at it. If you look very closely at the bags in the photos, you may even be able to see where he tried to open them up for himself!

Though this initial excitement was a great sign, cats can be pretty picky about their food, and you can never be sure if they will like it before giving it a try.

We decided to start off with the wet food because Lucas always sees that as a special treat anyways. As soon as I popped the top of the Ocean Whitefish recipe, he was on the kitchen counter sticking his nose into the can! I let him get a few licks in, but had to physically pull him away so that I could get some scooped out for him to try!

Well, this initial reaction said it all, and Tender and True’s wet cat food was a big hit. Lucas seemed to think he was getting away with something just by eating it.

The aroma was noticeable though not overwhelming and certainly did a wonderful job of grabbing his attention. We found that the food also has a great consistency and moisture content which made it easy to serve. He quickly lapped up his sample and was ready for more!

Next, I opened up the bag of Tender and True kibble (in the same formulation) and dropped a handful on the counter. A bit to my surprise he began chowing down right away! He didn’t even do any of that classic shake and drop maneuver that cats so often do with new food. I guess this just tasted too good to let go!

We finished off our taste test with a mixture of the wet and dry formulas.

Though we primarily feed kibble, we like to add in wet from time to time to make sure that Lucas is getting enough water in his diet. Cats have a tendency not to drink as much as they should which can lead to urine crystals and all sorts of other problems.

As we expected at this point, Lucas was thrilled with the combo and went to town on his dinner!

Example of kibble mixed with wet…

Fast Forward…

Lucas has been eating Tender and a true for about a week now and we thought it might be easiest to sum up his overall feelings with a quick video…

As you can see, Lucas simply cannot wait for mealtime. You can’t even walk into the room where he eats without him sprinting in to see if you are about to top off his bowl!

It’s not all about how much your cat seems to enjoy the food; during any transition you also need to keep a close eye on your pets behavior and digestion. We are happy to report that we have not noticed any issues with his stool and his energy levels and physical appearance are fantastic.

Why MyCatLikes Tender & True Food

Lucas clearly loves the taste, but we love the ingredients and the mission behind them.

As animal lovers, it is very important to us that all animals (even those used in food production) are given the chance to live with dignity and respect. Tender and True shares these values and is committed to going above and beyond the normal protocols even helping to push new industry standards.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the food is delicious as well, right?! 😉

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