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Bergan Turbo Track Review – Off to the Races!

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Written by Kevin

We are always looking for ways to keep Lucas healthy and fit.

Like the majority of household cats, he spends ALL of his time indoors. This can make it very difficult for him to get the exercise that he needs. It is our responsibility however, as pet parents, to create a stimulating environment for him. One in which he can play, explore and tire himself out both mentally and physically.

Today, we are excited to be sharing with you one of our favorite tools to get Lucas up and moving – one which our cats have enjoyed for many years now…

Lucas playing with his new cat track toy.

Introducing the Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy

Bergan’s turbo track is an interactive cat toy which allows your pet to bat a ball around a series of plastic channels. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well the unique aspect of this track lies in its versatility. This track consists of 9 separate pieces which can be assembled into 5 different configurations. There is even an up and over section to provide a bit of an extra challenge for your cat!

Best of all? You can connect multiple sets in order to create more complicated layouts that are sure to keep your cat interested and entertained for years to come.  We picked up our first Turbo Track about 5 years ago and loved it so much that we very quickly added a second!

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Time to Play! Our Bergan Turbo Track Review!

Although we have had our track(s) for many years, we like to put them away from time to time so that Lucas doesn’t get bored. We do this with most of his toys, as mixing up a cat’s environment is very important to keeping them mentally stimulated.

Our cat intently focused on his new cat track toy!

As you can see, whenever Lucas sees us pull out his turbo track and start putting it together he gets very focused on the task at hand. Some serious playtime is about to occur…

Setting it Up

Setting up the Turbo Track is a breeze thanks to Bergan’s unique peg attachment system. You will notice that the end of each piece has a peg on one side and a cavity on the other. Just align the pieces you want to connect and give it a quick twisting action to snap them together.

Bergan's Turbo Track can be configured in several different ways thanks to their unique snap locking system

Each piece can be connected to any other, so you can get creative with your layout. Below is our favorite single kit design since it utilizes every piece and has plenty of directional changes.

The Bergan Turbo Track configured in a figure-8 pattern - complete with an up and over section!

Playing with the Bergan Turbo Track

Once your track is fully assembled, give the ball a few pushes along to entice your cat to check it out.

I think the best way to convey a cat’s response is through video, so enjoy these clips of Lucas interacting with the Turbo Track:

Perfect for Multiple Cats

As you can probably imagine, multiple cats would have a blast with this toy, batting the ball back and forth to one another. When Maxwell was still around, he and Lucas used to love playing with the Turbo Track together. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great for single cats!

A Lazy Cat’s Best Friend

One of the best features about this Track is the up-and-over hill section. Not only does it provide a challenge for your cat to pull the ball over, but it serves as a sort of playmate in itself.

Lazy cat taking a break during play time

I don’t know about your cat, but Lucas can get pretty lazy – even in the middle of playtime. He will often lay himself right next to (or on top of) the track and playfully bat the ball. Because of the built-in hill, the ball will typically come right back to him where he will proceed to bat it away again. This back and forth game can go for minutes and helps to make the toy even more interactive.

Tips for Making the Most of your Cat Track!

  • If your cat isn’t taking to it right away, sprinkle a bit of their favorite catnip right inside the track. This should grab their attention and get them feeling extra playful.

Sprinkling a bit of catnip into the track to grab our cat's attention!

  • Purchase 2 sets like we did so that you can really mix things up! Just imagine all of the cool tracks you can create with 18 different pieces!

Multiple Turbo Track sets can be connected together to create more complicated and interesting layouts.

  • Finally, take advantage of the Turbo Track as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your cat! As you can see in the video above, we often participate in Lucas’ play sessions by batting the ball back and forth with him. Not only does this make the toy more fun and exciting for them, but it is a great bonding experience and their shenanigans are sure to bring a big smile to your face.

Why MyCatLikes the Bergan Turbo Track

What is the worst thing about your average cat toy?

In our experience it is that they typically lose them within minutes of getting them! Let’s face it, cats love to bat things around, and it is only a matter of time before any new toy finds its way under a couch, in a vent or who knows where!

Reviewing one of our favorite interactive cat toys - the Bergan Turbo Cat Track!

Well, the Bergan cat track plays on this natural instinct to bat and chase, but contains it in a way that can entertain your cat for hours and hours.

We love that the Bergan Cat track can be configured in several different ways out of the box, and love that you can connect multiple sets to make things even more interesting. This track is durable, easy to assemble, and our cats LOVE it.

We consider it to be a must own for cat parents!

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Do you have a cat track in your home? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  • Your cat looks so very impressed. I’m sure the catnip does the trick. I have a cat that would love the track, I think. He’s the most playful one of my 6 cats. Maybe I’ll check it out. Thanks!