About MyCatLikes

Welcome to MyCatLikes…the feline companion of MyDogLikes!

We are Kevin and Rachael – the humans behind this site. You are likely already aware how obsessed we are with dogs, but did you know that we feel the same way about cats? We have been living with cats for the past 8 years and couldn’t imagine our home without their playful antics. Although we’re not pet care professionals, we have learned a great deal over the years and are constantly striving to learn more. The goal of this site is to help other cat owners give their companions the best life possible. We aim to do this through comprehensive cat product reviews, tips, how-to’s, and plenty of fun along the way.

So while we share with you what MyCatLikes, we hope that you will do the same – by leaving a comment or dropping us an email!

Meet the MyCatLikes Crew


AKA (Luke, Lukey, The Great Lukini)

Lucas is a 6 year old (Snowshoe Siamese???) cat that we adopted from Lollypop Farm. Formerly known as “Snowball” and “Titan”, this sweet boy was actually returned to the shelter 2 times!


The reason? They said that he did not get along with dogs! Well as you can see – this could not be further from the truth!

Lucas is fairly typical in his cat hobbies, loving to scratch, lounge, and of course EAT!